The Samantha Series

Published: January 2021 - Emons Verlag
No. 2 on the Swiss bestseller list (paperback books)
Trailer: Pictures of Chienbäse procession © Robert Braunschweig

During the traditional carnival procession "Chienbäse" in Liestal one of the participians is shot and another man is found dead in his flat in the historical center. Some days later Joel's father has an accident. His car has been manipulated - and Joel comes under suspicion. When he disappears without a trace shortly afterwards this suspicion seems to be confirmed. Only Samantha is convinced of her partner's innocence and she starts to look into things herself – and winds up risking her own life …

Cherrykilling (Chriesimord)
Published: May 2020 - Emons Verlag
No. 5 on the Swiss bestseller list (paperback books)

In fast succession, Reto Bürgi, CEO of AarePharm, loses his brother and his mother. It seems they were poisoned. When one employee disappears, the others fear for their fate. Samantha, who works for AarePharm, initiates an investigation. Will she find answers in the will and testament of the company's founder, who died some time ago?

Carrotland (Rüebliland)
Published: August 2019 - Emons Verlag

Indian by blood, Samantha finds her adoptive parents murdered one tragic day. Shortly thereafter, she is contacted by a stranger who claims to be her birth sister. Not knowing where else to turn, Samantha begins her own investigation and finds that her adoption papers have disappeared. Will she find a motive for murder in her own roots? Her search for the truth and her provenance ultimately leads Samantha to India.