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The bedtime story "Teddy Bruno - der zweite Teddy" (Teddy Bruno and the second teddy)  was released in Swedish translation as "Nalle NosNos":
Teddy Bruno lives with Lisa and is her best friend.   But then Lisa's has her fifth birthday and gets a special birthday present ...
A story about jealousy and friendship.


The bedtime story "Maria Punktlos" (Maria Spotless) was released in Swedish translation as "Maria utan Prickar":
Ladybug Maria has moved. She's looking forward to a new kindergarten. But on the first day of school, the others reject her because she has no spots…
A story about mobbing.

2010 bis 2012:
Children's stories published online on a Swiss family portal:
"The Second Teddy, Parts 1 and 2" – Lisa is given a second teddy bear, which first teddy Bruno doesn't like one bit.
"Teddy Bruno's Flight Adventure" – Teddy Bruno's first flight
"Adventure in the Mountains" – Teddy Bruno rescues Lisa
"Maria Spotless" – the story of a little ladybug girl who has no spots.
"In the Stall" – lamb Mia experiences something very special on December 24.

"Im Stall" - Das Schäfchen Mia erlebt am 24. Dezemeber etwas ganz Besonderes.