"There is a fire in Liestal's old town" -  report in the BZ on "Chienbäse" on 8. February 2021

Report in the AZ  on "Chienbäse" on 9. February 2021

Report  about writing my thriller "Nebel im Aargau"  ("Fog in Aargau") in Buchszene on 16. September 2020

Interview in the  Aargauer Zeitung (aargauer paper) in der AZ about writing a thriller on 10. July 2020

"One  by one dodgy criminal case " - report on Chriesimord on Aarauer Nachrichten  paper on 19. June 2020.

I have to get a sense of place" Report on Rüebliland (as the region of Aargau is known) in e-journal local paper.

Guest on radio station K on April 15, 2019: An Interview with Bruno Schlatter.

Report in the Zofinger Tagblatt (daily paper) on my reading in the Uerkheim library on March 15, 2019.

Report on my first reading of "Aarauer Finsternis" on February 21, 2019, in the Landanzeiger (regional magazine).

Interview in the Aargau paper from February 14, 2019.

Report in the Aargau paper on my reading in the historic baths of Tennwil on August 8, 2018.

A report that appeared on Swiss television on regionally based detective novels in May 2018, in which my book "Der Fluch von Aarau" is mentioned.

Report in the Aarauer Nachrichten paper from March 2018

Ina Wiedenmann in Hausen Aktuell (p. 32/33).

Martin Zimmerli's blog on "Gift im Aargau".

Guest on the Swiss television show "Talk im Schlosshof" (ALF TV) in December 2013.

Report on my second novel, "Tod im Aargau", in the Aarauer Nachrichten paper.

Martin Zimmerli's blog on "Tod im Aargau".

Report on my second novel, "Tod im Aargau", in the Aargauer Zeitung paper.

Balancing crime writing and family – a report in the Aarauer Nachrichten.