The Andrina Series


Horrifying Aargau (Aargauer Grauen)
In your bookstore as of January 2024 in print and as eBook by Emons Verlag.


A man is found dead in his flat. At first the police assume a heart attack, but then strange bite marks are discovered on the body. The man has worked in Andrina's husband's pharmaceutical company. Andrina and Enrico do their own investigations and soon encounter the unusual murder weapon: a highly poisonous spider from Australia. Shortly afterwards, narcotics disappear from Enrico's company, and Andrina realises that she and her family are also is caught up in acute danger.

Missing in Aargau (Verschwunden im Aargau)
Published: July 2022 - Emons Verlag
No. 5 on the Swiss bestseller list (paperback books)

When hate becomes a deadly obsession.
At the annual traditon "Bärzelitreiben" in Hallwil a knife attack with a fatal outcome happens. The only suspicious person: Andrina's husband, but Andrina knows he is innocent.  She suspects that the witness statements could as well apply to Enrico's half-brother Marco Feller, an investigator of the Aargau cantonal police department. But what would drive Marco to do this and why are his colleagues coveringhim? Then Marco disappears without a trace and Andrina sets out to find him and for the truth.

Abysses of Aargau (Aargauer Abgründe)
Published: September 2021 - Emons Verlag
No. 3 on the Swiss bestseller list (paperback books)


A series of murders, which at first seem unrelated, shakes Aargau. Susanna Marioni of the Aargau cantonal police believes to sees clues that point to her own past. She asks Andrina to help her with her unofficial investigation. What the two don't know: The culprit has long been hot on their trail. After an attempt on her life, Andrina has to go into hiding. She receives support from an unexpected side. But can she really trust this person?

Fog in Aargau (Nebel im Aargau)
Published: Oktober 2020 - Emons Verlag
No. 1 on the Swiss bestseller list (paperback books)
Also available as audio book in German


A serie of mysterious death occurs in the Swiss midlands. What initially looks like suicide, turns out to be a perfidious  series of crime. When Andrinas colleague Lukas has come under suspicion by the police, Andrina starts to look into things herself – and winds up risking her own life.

Something Sinister in Aarau (Aarauer Finsternis)
Published: January 2019 - Emons Verlag


There's something afoot at JuraMed, the pharmaceutical company where Andrina's partner Enrico Bianchi works. When an employee goes missing under mysterious circumstances and Enrico himself runs into danger, Andrina launches an investigation. Is Enrico's shady childhood friend behind it all? Or does her former fiance Marco Feller from Aarau's police force have something to do with it? Andrina doesn't know anymore whom she can trust – and comes to fear for her own life.

Escape from Aarau (Der Fluch von Aarau)
Published: March 2018 - Emons Verlag


Andrina is in a serious situation: Soon after she and her fiance Marco Feller, chief of the Aarau police, decide to take a break, she's found unconscious next to the corpse of a young woman. When Andrina awakes, she can't recall a thing. Is she the killer? As she desperately tries to piece her memories back together, she herself barely escapes an attempt on her life. Who is after her? And, above all, why?


Aargau Fever (Aargau-Fieber)
Published: May 2017
Emons Verlag
ISBN 978-3-74080-058-1

Perfidious confusion: A mysterious illness is casting a pall of fear over tranquil Aargau – Andrina's own sister is fighting for her life. Under chief Marco Feller, the police are investigating a series of murders at a pharmaceutical company – is there a connection with the baffling disease? And what does Feller's would-be brother, who appears out of nowhere, have to do with it? A murderous game begins.


Shadows over Aargau (Schatten über dem Aargau)
Published: March 2016
Emons Verlag
ISBN 978-3-95451-796-1

A shocking occurrence at the old high school in Aarau: A teacher has been poisoned, but there is neither a motive nor a suspect. As the killings keep occurring, Detective Susanna Marioni turns to Andrina Kaufmann, whose leading a writing project at the school – can she go undercover on the case? But as the clues come together, Andrina and her fiance Marco Feller, chief of police, wind up in mortal danger. A race against time begins.


The Butcher of Aarau (Der Metzger von Aarau)
Published: February 2015
Emons Verlag
ISBN 978-3-95451-483-0

In Aarau, there have been a series of attacks on the local supermarkets. At the same time, the publishing house Andrina works for has been receiving disturbing packages containing dismembered hands. The police, under chief Marco Feller, are faced with a riddle – and then a member of their own team disappears. The culprit then sets his sights on Andrina herself, and the police are running out of time...


Poison in Aargau (Gift im Aargau)
Published: January 2014
Emons Verlag.
ISBN 978-3-95451-264-5

Andrina Kaufmann has come under suspicion of killing her friend. The day after the death, her life partner, chief of the Aarau police, disappears without a trace. Are the police themselves behind the murder? Andrina begins to doubt the detective's motives and starts to look into things herself – and winds up risking her own life.


Death in Aargau (Tod im Aargau)
Published: April 2013
Emons Verlag.
ISBN 978-3-95451-076-4

After the spectacular murder of a successful author, the publisher's faithful employee, Andrina, has to face invasive questioning from the police and then finds the publishing house ransacked. One of the two publishers has taken her life and the editor barely escapes a murder attempt. Slowly it begins to seem that the horrific events have something to do with Andrina and she is caught up in acute danger. But who would have a reason to kill her?