About Ina Haller

After completing a degree in geology, I worked for a time in an insurance company in Switzerland. Then I become the “full-time manager” of a growing family with three children. We all live in a small town outside of Aarau, Switzerland.

I first took up writing as part of Switzerland’s national novel-writing month. It quickly became a welcome escape from the bustle of family life and is now an important part of my day, in addition to my loved ones, athletic pursuits, and travel.

In January 2012 I joined the Mörderischen Schwestern (a group that promotes detective writing by women), the professional association of Swiss authors, and Syndikat, another organization that supports detective novelists. I also belong to the Schweizer Schreibfrauen, a group of women writers from Switzerland, and I am a member of the board of "Krimi Schweiz - Association for Swiss Thriller Literature".

When not taking care of my family, reading, or off somewhere on a trip, I write detective novels, children’s tales, and short stories.